Mastopexy – Breast Lift Procedure – Los Angeles

There are a number of factors that can affect the appearance of the breasts. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations and aging can leave the breasts sagging and stretched, which is a condition called breast ptosis. For those who are concerned about the appearance of their breasts, a mastopexy can be performed for the purpose of breast rejuvenation. A mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, is a…

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Mommy Makeover – Plastic Surgery – Los Angeles

For many, the experience of pregnancy may take unexpected tolls on the body. The mommy makeover is a body-restoration procedure that is specifically tailored to the needs of mothers and the bodily changes they’ve experienced during pregnancy. With an experienced professional like Dr. Jay Granzow, special attention is paid to the specific concerns of the mother. Typically, pregnancy can affect the size and shape of…

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Scar Revision – Skin Treatment – Los Angeles

Scars can be an unsightly problem for your appearance, especially if they are in prominent areas. Though scars cannot be completely erased, there are techniques that can significant reduce their appearance. Scar revision is available for those who are interested in making their scars less noticeable. Scarring is a natural process of the body’s healing from injury. The size, shape and type of scar depends…

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Male Breast Reduction – Los Angeles Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a condition where breast tissue on males swells excessively. It is often due to a hormonal imbalance and can cause psychological issues and anxiety. Male breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure that can reduce the size of male breast. Gynecomastia shows itself differently across patients. For some, the swelling may come unevenly; for others, the swelling may occur during puberty or later in…

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Brow Lifts – Forehead Lift – Manhattan Beach

One of the most prominent signs of aging can occur around the forehead and eyebrows. Aging skin may sag and form deep lines along the forehead and eyebrows, which leaves you looking tired and even upset. Brow lifts are cosmetic procedures that can rejuvenate your appearance by lifting away signs of aging. Brow lifts are commonly performed on patients ranging from 40 to 60 years…

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