DIEP Flap – Breast Reconstruction – Los Angeles

The road to recovery from breast cancer can be a rough one, but with breast reconstruction, many patients find that it is a huge step forward. With breast reconstruction, the DIEP flap reconstruction technique is commonly used and helps rebuild the breast mound. A DIEP flap technique is a method for reconstructing the breasts that involves tissue transfers. The procedure involves taking flap of tissue…

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Breast Reconstruction – Los Angeles Breast Surgery

Breast reconstruction is an option many women will consider on their road to recovery from breast cancer. There are a number of techniques that are available, and these are recommended based on what makes the most sense for the patient. There are no cookie-cutter techniques, as each patient’s needs and goals are different. Dr. Jay Granzow specializes in DIEP flap reconstruction. The DIEP breast reconstruction…

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The Effects of Radiation on Breast Reconstruction

Radiation is often critical in the proper treatment of breast cancer. It is usually required for larger tumors or tumors that have spread to the lymph nodes in the axilla (armpit). Radiation has been shown to have increased-benefit, both towards lessening the chance of a tumor recurrence in the chest or “axilla” and as an overall survival benefit in selected patients. The treatment courses of…

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Advanced Breast Reconstruction Techniques With Your Body’s Own Tissue

DIEP and SIEA Microsurgery Flaps Breast cancer patients increasingly have new options for more advanced procedures. It is now possible to use the patient’s own skin and fat by transforming excess tissue from the patient’s own abdomen into a new breast. The procedure not only removes the excess tissue that would normally be discarded in a “tummy tuck” procedure, but also produces a breast with…

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Changing Breast Cancer Care

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons Supports National Breast Cancer Awareness Month For Immediate Release: September 30, 2003 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. – There’s encouraging news about the progress being made in breast cancer care. Working hand in hand with cancer surgeons, plastic surgeons are giving breast cancer patients the most natural-looking breast possible, often making a diagnosis of breast cancer easier to bear. The skin-sparing…

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