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Breast reconstruction is an option many women will consider on their road to recovery from breast cancer. There are a number of techniques that are available, and these are recommended based on what makes the most sense for the patient. There are no cookie-cutter techniques, as each patient’s needs and goals are different. Dr. Jay Granzow specializes in DIEP flap reconstruction. The DIEP breast reconstruction…

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Standard Instructions After Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction

I. Arrange to have someone with you for the first two days after you go home from the hospital II. Call our office if you notice a change in color or temperature of the reconstructed breast, or for any other questions or problems (i.e. severe pain, swelling, bruising, fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, severe headaches, repeated vomiting, pain in calves or excessive ankle swelling,…

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Top Questions and Concerns After Perforator Flap Surgery

You may experience some or all of these after your surgery. They are a part of the normal healing process. You are always welcome to call our office with any questions or concerns. Click on the appropriate question below or scroll down on the webpage for answers to these questions or concerns: Swelling Brusing Scarring Itching Hyperpigmentation Asymmetry Drainage Pain Fatigue Firmness 1. Swelling Initially…

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What is microsurgery and why is it important in Breast Reconstruction?

Microsurgery allows the movement of large amounts of tissue from one part of the body to another. It has revolutionized field of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and gives a skilled microsurgeon a much wider range of options than ever before possible. Specifically, microsurgery refers to the careful freeing up of vessels, including both at least one artery and vein, attached to tissue to be moved from…

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State Laws Regarding Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is required for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction if mastectomy is covered as follows: Alaska: enacted in 2000; conforms state law to the federal standards. The bill directly refers to the specific federal requirement: (A health care insurer that offers, issues for delivery, delivers, or renews in this state a health care insurance plan providing medical and surgical benefits for mastectomies shall comply with 42…

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