Aging is an inevitable part of life. The effects of aging affect all of us in different ways. For some, their skin tends to lose elasticity faster, which leaves them looking much older than they feel. Sagging skin on the face contributes to the appearance of turkey wattle on the neck, jowls and sagging cheeks. A necklift is a cosmetic surgery that lifts and tightens the facial skin, leaving you looking years younger.

A necklift may involve incisions behind the chin, the ears or both in order to allow lifting and tightening. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Jay Granzow to determine what procedure is right for your goals. Sometimes, liposuction is included to remove excess fat and incisions are made to remove excess skin. Dermal injections can be added to create a more natural look and add volume for softening wrinkles.

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