1. How long of a recovery will I need after surgery?

Recovery typically ranges between 2 to 6 weeks, but will vary considerably depending on the type of surgery considered or recommended as well as based on your situation. Dr. Granzow will provide specific information on how long of a recovery you will need based on the type of surgery.

  1. When can I pick up my baby?

It depends on which surgery you decide to have and typically ranges from 1 to 6 weeks. Dr. Granzow will let you know specifically how long of a recovery you will need.

  1. If I’m breast-feeding, when is the earliest I can have surgery?

It is best to wait until after you have finished breast-feeding to undergo most surgical procedures. Many of the anesthetics, pain medications and antibiotics can be passed in the breast milk and can be harmful to your baby. For breast procedures, it is often best to allow the breasts to reduce in size as much as possible after breast feeding has stopped to give the best results for a restoration procedure. Dr. Granzow can discuss the best time to schedule surgery with regards to breast-feeding.

  1. I’m still trying to lose the baby weight. When should I schedule surgery?

You should have your first consultation during your pregnancy or shortly after your delivery. This will allow for Dr. Granzow to coordinate the appropriate physical therapy and allow for scheduling of any surgical procedures that may be needed. The timing of the surgical procedure depends on the patient and the procedure. Procedures which involve skin contouring, such as mastopexy (breast lift) or tummy tuck, should occur after you get down to or below your weight goal. Further weight loss after surgery can lead to additional skin laxity that can reduce the outcome of a surgical result. Dr. Granzow can discuss the best time to schedule surgery after weight loss.

  1. Will insurance cover my treatment?

Some insurance plans may cover some of your procedures. Dr. Granzow’s office staff can discuss what may or may not be covered and provide you with information on submitting insurance reimbursement claims during your consultation.