Facial Implants – Facial Enhancement Los Angeles

Facial enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to improve your overall facial balance. Facial implants are often used to enhance the contours of various structures of the face in order to create a stronger overall harmony. Facial implants are prosthetic devices that are tailored according to the needs of each patient. The implants are often made of a synthetic material like silicone and…

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Facial Implants – Facial Rejuvenation – Los Angeles

The cheeks, nasolabial areas and jawline are huge components of our facial structure. Facial implants can help you achieve symmetry and balance that can enhance your natural beauty. Volume, projection and contour can be added by a well-placed implant. Facial implants are typically placed to enhance the chin, jaw, or cheeks. Chin implants increase the size and projection of the chin to be more proportionate…

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