manhattan beach botoxMost Manhattan Beach women and men think of Botox as a temporary solution for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. After all, Botox is known to be a solution for paralyzing facial muscles to reduce wrinkles for about 3 to 6 months. However, new research from a Canadian study is suggesting that Botox injections may have more long-lasting benefits on skin elasticity, and even help the prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. Read on as Dr. Granzow of Manhattan Beach Plastic Surgery explains this exciting new Botox study to you.

The 411 on Skin Elasticity.

Skin elasticity is the skin’s ability to stretch and then go back to a normal position once it is released. When we are younger, in our 20s and early 30s, we have higher skin elasticity, which helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. But as we age, our skin’s elasticity decreases, allowing the formation of noticeable wrinkles on our skin, especially crows feet and frown lines.

About the Botox Study on Skin Elasticity.

In this special Botox study, 43 Canadian women who were receiving Botox for the first time were followed. Researchers used a special device called a Cutometer – which suctions the skin and measures its rebound to a previous position – to measure the women’s skin elasticity both before and several times after their Botox injections. The results found that not only did the Botox injections hide fine lines and wrinkles, it also increased skin elasticity by as much as 30% for up to 4 months.

In the study, which was published in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery by doctors James Bonaparte and David Ellis, Dr. Bonaparte said, “The initial theory for Botox was you paralyze the muscle, you then can’t make the wrinkle anymore because you can’t move. This is suggesting that there’s maybe more going on than just that, that you’re actually remodeling the skin to get rid of the wrinkle.” Additionally, the doctors noted that deep wrinkles that weren’t erased by Botox injections became less noticeable while the Botox was active, which they attributed to the increase in skin elasticity.

What Does This Study Mean for Manhattan Beach Botox Patients?

Botox is already a popular injection in Manhattan Beach, but this Canadian study might place Botox in even higher demand. In a report about this study, concluded, “If indeed Botox makes the skin more elastic, it may also help prevent the formation of wrinkles.”

Imagine that! It’s possible that not only can Botox reduce the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles you already have, but that while the injections are active, they can also prevent you from developing new wrinkles. This cutting edge research suggests that Botox just may be the “fountain of youth” for which many Manhattan Beach patients have been searching.

How Can I Learn More About Botox?

At the Manhattan Beach Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Granzow performs many Botox injections every year. If you’ve never had Botox before but you’re ready to take the next step to eliminate your fine lines and wrinkles, then we encourage you to reach out to Dr. Granzow to discuss how Botox can help you achieve the appearance you desire.

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