I. Arrange to have someone with you for the first two days after you go home from the hospital

II. Call our office if you notice a change in color or temperature of the reconstructed breast, or for any other questions or problems (i.e. severe pain, swelling, bruising, fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, severe headaches, repeated vomiting, pain in calves or excessive ankle swelling, rash, itching, nausea, bleeding from incisions, or a collection of fluid around the incisions).

III. Activity:

Do not lift anything heavier than five (5) pounds for two weeks.
Do not jog, lift weights, play tennis or golf or swim vigorously
Do not drive until you have stopped all pain medication, sleeping pills, and muscle relaxants for at least 24 hours. This will probably be two to three weeks after surgery.
You may take walks starting one week after surgery. This is good exercise for you.
You may perform usual household duties three weeks after surgery (do not include strenuous tasks, i.e. – mopping, heaving lifting, window cleaning etc.).
You may resume sexual intercourse four weeks after surgery.

IV. Care of Incisions and Drains

Wear the abdominal garment, if provided in your case, for two weeks. After that time, you may choose to wear it for support during the day for another week or two.
You may change any soiled dressings as needed.
Do not massage the reconstructed breasts for three weeks.
Do not apply hot compresses or heating pads to the reconstructed breast or your abdomen or buttock as since burns may occur.
You may shower starting three days after surgery (do not soak in the tub). Pat the skin dry afterwards. Tub baths are OK after the drains are removed.
When you leave the hospital, be sure to call our office to confirm your first post-op visit.
Empty your drains three times per day (more often if they are filled more than halfway). Measure and discard drainage in a toilet or sink. Record the output of each drain over each 24-hour period. Bring the dated record with you to your first office visit after surgery.
You may wear a soft bra without a wire during the first month after surgery unless specifically instructed otherwise by our doctors or office. You may wear an underwire or other type of bra beginning 4 weeks after surgery.