Mommy Makeover – Plastic Surgery – Los Angeles

For many, the experience of pregnancy may take unexpected tolls on the body. The mommy makeover is a body-restoration procedure that is specifically tailored to the needs of mothers and the bodily changes they’ve experienced during pregnancy. With an experienced professional like Dr. Jay Granzow, special attention is paid to the specific concerns of the mother. Typically, pregnancy can affect the size and shape of…

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Liposuction – Fat Reduction Body Sculpting – Los Angeles

Getting that ideal body shape sometimes takes more than a healthy diet and regular exercise. Many times, there are stubborn fat deposits around the stomach or thighs that simply don’t respond to exercise. Liposuction is never suggested as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, but it can be the final solution to trimming extra fat from difficult areas of the body. There are a lot…

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